Sustainable Vacation in Romania

your go-to place to buy local products from villagers, get an insight into their lives,
plan activities and your travel in the original Romania.

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The Hartibaciu high valley convinces with good ingredients and even better products; behind every farm there is a family secret recipe and a local agriculture for the production of the ingredients.

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The home base of the project is the small village Stejarisu, where the story of Agramonia began. Here we are a group with the same goal.

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In most of the villages all villagers keep animals and have their own garden; behind the farm buildings lies their own piece of land, on which they are working to feed the whole family.

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In Romanian Transylvania, between Sighisoara and Sibiu, off the beaten tourist tracks, lies the Harbachtal cultural landscape.

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We do not dominate nature, but we belong to it, we stand in it. But let us not flatter ourselves so much with our human victories over nature. For every such victory she takes revenge on us.

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