Juju der große
Aug,02 2022

The base for your adventures in Romania

For a successful vacation experience, you need nice accommodation and good food. On our website, we present you with a handpicked selection of cozy places. Here you will find the perfect country hotel for your adventures.

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Test image blog
Jul,30 2022

Test image blog

Test image blog

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Kamlesh Pambhar
Jul,30 2022

live in nature

its every one dream to live in nature so lets complete your wish with us

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Juju der große
Jul,29 2022

The reborn village

The new Saxon is a village full of history and inspiration. The first mention of it in historical books was in 1305, but even today, it always has its doors open for a relaxing visit.

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Pooja Pambhar
Jul,29 2022

Hand made texture

natural Hand made texture

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Jul,28 2022

"Dealul lui Berth"

Biertan este un sat interesant din Transilvania unde va puteti relaxa si puteti vizita obiective turistice precum biserica fortificata.

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Guenther Grass
Jul,28 2022

Team Stejarisu

We are a team with the same principles and goals, with a lot experience in this field. In Probstdorf / Stejarisu we look forward to your visit.

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Guenther Grass
Jul,24 2022

Discover the treasures of Barcut village

Barcut is a village in the Hartibaciului Valley surrounded by nature. It is a relaxing, but also interesting location that will surprise you as you discover it.

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Jul,21 2022

love the traveling

it's wonderful experienced to visit historical places

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Jul,16 2022

you like to enjoy fresh food in season

We are group of people go for fresh food at mountain and enjoy the season

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Varga Teodora
Jul,14 2022

Un sat al culturii bine pastrate

Copsa Mare sau Grosskopisch în germana este un sat linistit situat în valea de lânga Biertan.

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Julius Fabini
Jul,12 2022

Our Base

Although society is constantly developing and the people are more and more attracted by technology, the Transylvania region remains rich in traditions.

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