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  1. We offer you the possibility to get online bookings for your tours, paying an administration fee of only 1%
  2. We offer you a new source of income - you can help locals submit their offers, earning a 15% commission on the offers you manage.

Frequently Asked Questions

To join Agramonia as a guide, you should be able to speak to tourists on the phone in English and be organized enough not to forget bookings. If you need more support or you do not meet the requirements, you can join as a farmer.

Once you've explained to someone how our system works, and they've installed the app and published their first offers, you'll earn a commission for each booking. You will be available in case of questions from tourists and help the locals to manage their bookings and offers.

If the tourist cancels his booking, you stay with the deposit. You can request the withdrawal of the deposit at any time via the app.

With Agramonia you have the possibility to offer any kind of agrotourism activities. You can promote excursions that you will do together with tourists, you can also plan events, offer workshops for tourists or sell products to tourists from home.

Almost! We take one percent of the booking value from the tourist's deposit. You don't have to do anything and just get paid one percent less of the tourist's deposit. On offers from farmers and accommodation we have higher commission rates.

You can adjust your availability and prices in our app at any time. The app allows you to manage your offers independently.